Monday, July 31, 2017


So, I was out cruising on the quad just at sundown and ready to cross the road to the house. I looked left into the bottoms west of town to clear traffic and saw it. Thought it was a deer and started across the highway but something didn’t set right. I turned and looked again almost stopped in the middle of the highway, no vehicle coming though.
    What I saw this time was the size of a small deer but shorter with a longer tail. The way it moved across the highway 3/8 of a mile away reminded me of Benjamin my cat, moving quickly but not running. Now DNR reminds us we don’t have mountain lions in Indiana but we don’t care, we take photos of them anyway just for fun......too bad I didn’t have a camera ready.

Mountain Lion (felis concolor or puma concolor) walks along a mountain ridge.

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